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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Domain for Framework

My first post to describe my MyEDB (My Entity Database) framework/CMS was placed on a holding site at netfirms:

This is my stand-in site to promote my concept of an "Entity Database" which is more than a relational database -- it gives the DB designer more flexibility in setting up and tearing down entities. I call it and the supporting code framework MyEDB for My Entity DB.

It does away with the traditional notion of entity relationships, and just focuses on pure entities, no relationships and the headaches they cause Database designers. The purpose for relationships has evolved from an ingenuous desire to model entities and their relationships into being merely an optimization device. My framework gets rid of the pretense. All optimization is stored natively through the use of single type tables.

One added benefit of this static architecture is that of being essentially a low level database per se, but one that is accessible to database designers.

Combine this with an elegant PHP-based RESTful MVC framework, and all that's left is defining inputs and outputs and coding them. And the effort of coding the input/output wire-ups simply scales to the level of your requirements -- i.e. pay per requirement.
Requirements can be defined as any of the following:
- Create a form for Inserting, updating, or deleting an entity (e.g. a customer record)
- Create a new view of the entity, purely for display (e.g. a product, or any entity. Examine one of your Excel spreadsheets rows for examples of "entities")
- Build search functionality for all your entities or only a subset

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