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Friday, December 9, 2011

~SiteCollection in ParameterBinding

Here's another workaround. You would like to assign the ~SiteCollection token value (or any token) to a ParameterBinding so that your XSLT can see that value and use it say in image paths, etc.

After finding a tip <a href="">here</a>, the solution may be as follows.

- Put a hidden html input control with a runat=server attribute in your content place holder, e.g. <input id="siteColVal">" type=hidden name=siteColVal runat="server">
(Note, an asp:TextBox control did not work for me).
- Add a parameterbinding like: <parameterbinding location="Control(siteColVal, value)" name="SiteColRoot" defaultvalue="">
- then of course a <?xml:namespace prefix = xsl /><xsl:param name="SiteColRoot">theooroot</xsl:param> in your XSLT

Worked for me!

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