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Sunday, September 19, 2010

gSOAP Client Setup Steps

My environment is Vista x64, Visual Studio 2008

Download gSoap from here: I downloaded gsoap_2.8.0.
open command prompt and change to gsoap_2.8.0\gsoap-2.8\gsoap\bin\win32
enter: wsdl2h -c -o iptocountry.h

enter: soapcpp2 -c -C iptocountry.h

Create a new Visual Studio 2008 Visual C++ Win32 Console Application with Empty project selected (no Precompiled header)

Copy the following files generated above by gsoap to your VS project directory (with the .vcproj).

files to copy: iptocountrySoap12.nsmap, soapC.c, soapClient.c, soapH.h, soapStub.h

Copy stdsoap2.c and stdsoap2.h to your VS project directory from gsoap_2.8.0\gsoap-2.8\gsoap\

Include the files in your project

Add a file called myclient.c to your project with the following contents:
#include "soapH.h" // obtain the generated stub
#include "iptocountrySoap12.nsmap"
struct soap *soap = soap_new();
struct _ns1__FindCountryAsString *_myipv4address;
struct _ns1__FindCountryAsStringResponse *myresponse;
char text[20];

_myipv4address = (struct _ns1__FindCountryAsString *)malloc(sizeof(struct _ns1__FindCountryAsString));
myresponse = (struct _ns1__FindCountryAsStringResponse *)malloc(sizeof(struct _ns1__FindCountryAsStringResponse));

fputs("enter an IP: ", stdout);
if ( fgets(text, sizeof text, stdin) != NULL )
char *newline = strchr(text, '\n'); /* search for newline character */
if ( newline != NULL )
*newline = '\0'; /* overwrite trailing newline */
printf("text = \"%s\"\n", text);

_myipv4address->V4IPAddress = text;

if (soap_call___ns2__FindCountryAsString(soap, NULL, NULL, _myipv4address, myresponse) == SOAP_OK)
printf("Country code is = %s\n", myresponse->FindCountryAsStringResult);
else // an error occurred
soap_print_fault(soap, stderr); // display the SOAP fault on the stderr stream


If you have installed a Microsoft Windows 7 SDK and are getting "fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'kernel32.lib'" try adding the path to the SDK lib (e.g. C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\Lib) to your project Configuration Properties \ Linker \ General \ Additional Library Directories.

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