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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Uploading InfoPath Form Templates

So, I'm working through Sharepoint 2007 for Dummies, and I'm on page 200, and I go to upload my test form, and get The restricted trust level is not supported. Quickly googled, and found So I follow the fellow's excellent advice (Tools - Form Options - Security and Trust - Domain) and the error goes away.

But it can be that easy. I just get a new error (what do I expect right?): The form template is not browser-compatible. So google around again, and finally decide to do the following: Tools - Form Options - Compatibility - (check) Design a form template that can be opened in a browser or InfoPath. Click Ok. Then an error shows up in my form. It's the combo box, apparently not supported on the web. So I delete it; error goes away.

Save the form and try uploading again, first clicking Verify. Now it says This form template has not been correctly published to be browser-enabled. Open the form template in InfoPath Design mode, and click Publish Form Template in the Design Tasks task pane. Follow the steps in the Publishing Wizard to republish the form template, and then try again. So I do as instructed, choosing to "Publish this form template as a template in a document library." Published it. Still get the same error. Then, I tried selecting "To a network location" and leaving the third screen in the Publishing Wizard blank per, Next, Ok, Next, publish. This saved the form again. I then tried verifying the form once more in the Upload Form Template page and it verified...I then uploaded it, got another error: The timer job for the operation has been created. However, it cannot be run because the administrative service for this server is not enabled. To run the timer job, use the stsadm.exe command line utility (stsadm.exe -o execadmsvcjobs). Googled again and got So I start the Windows SharePoint Services Administration service, run the stsadm.exe -o execadmsvcjobs command, check the Manage Form Templates page, but see that my form is "Installing". Found this:, tried the suggestions, including turning on my other sharepoint server in the farm that happened to be off, but that didn't fix it. I was able to delete the "Installing" form templates through the timer definitions page and subsequently through the Manage Form Templates. Still need to figure out why it won't finish "Installing". Later, I noticed that the second Sharepoint web frontend server is low on disk space. Checking how a 25GB drive can fill up so quickly, I used windirstat and found that C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\LOGS is taking up 21 GB of space. Huh? So I delete all those log files and try uploading again. Still getting "Installing" forever....
Finally I decided that the second Sharepoint server, which is sitting on a VMware Workstation guest, needs to be removed from the farm as it appears to be experiencing issues, e.g. the ever-increasing logs mentioned earlier (containing entries like "Tracing Service lost trace events," as well as a failing system clock. As soon as I removed the second server, and attempted the template upload, the results were successful.

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