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Sunday, March 22, 2009

TortoiseSVN - Quick Start

TortoiseSVN repository set up:

-Install TortoiseSVN
-Perform these steps in Windows Explorer:
-right click in new empty dir (named after your project) and
choose ToroiseSVN > create repository here. This will be your repository, so make note of its location.
-Then rightclick your project folder and click TortoisSVN > Import, Browse to the path to your newly created repository and hit ok. Alternatively, enter a path like file:///SVNRepos/MyProject
-Rename your project folder by appending ".bak" or anything
-Create a new empty folder next to your old folder having the same original name of the project folder
-Open the new empty project folder and right click in the empty folder and choose SVN Checkout...
-Make sure the path to your newly crated repository is under "URL of repository:" and hit OK

Now you have a version controlled project!

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